JCFS is a multidisciplinary studio based in Lisbon, established in 1999, by Jorge Castelão, Architect and CEO of the company.


Our approach drives spatial innovation, aiming to find the best solutions for each project, exploring new methods and concepts, focuses on architecture, urbanism, landscape design, from large scale planning, furniture to graphic design, ensuring a versatile service that suits each customer needs.

JCFS architecture materializes out of an analysis of how life continuously progresses and changes, affected by global economic/political courses, melting pot society and communication technologies that all together require new ways of architectural and urbanism.

JCFS designs and develops spaces, images and experiences that create and communicate new ideas. Our approach aims at turning intense research and analysis of practical and theoretical matters into the driving forces of design, combining innovative thinking and efficient production, seeking for the most exciting design solutions according to the desires of a client, making each project unique and involving different strategies, so that together we can create, build and design joy, passions and dreams.



Our office operates in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design.


In a transversal and completed approach we ensure an integrated service that cover all stages of the process of Architecture, the Schematic Design + Feasibility, Design Development + Permit Documents and Construction Documents + Permit Acquisition + technical assistance for the project, coordinating all stakeholders in order to create a project that will ensure the purposes outlined with the client, costs and deadlines. We are interested in actuality and real, in designing captivating spaces and experiences for those who use them.

Architecture + Urban Planning

We are a multidisciplinary, culturally diverse, and dynamic company always ready to welcome new challenges and projects. We have established experience over the years on projects for public buildings, housing, commercial programs, hotels, health, urban planning, offices, industry, warehouse and rehabilitation.



Development of graphic design, interiors, objects, furniture, signage and guidance design, conception of Architecture and Design of Communication for commercial spaces and display stands for fairs, presentations and exhibitions.



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Our team includes architects, interior architects and designers. It is intended to frame a multipurpose service that suits customer needs, which will be discussed by several fields of architecture and design. The design process in our studio merge through the scale of one object to urban design, combining the collaboration of a big network of specialists, experts and advisers.


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