PROJECT: Exhibition stand for the coffee brand Mocay


YEAR: 2002

SIZE: 195 m2

PROGRAM: Exhibition


TEAM: Jorge Castelão and Marta Bandeiras

CLIENT: Azkoyen

ESSENTIAL: The presentation of the new brand Mocay from the Azkoyen Group


The project concerns the Exhibition stand for the coffee brand Mocay – Azkoyen, part of the fair HOREXPO, located at the International Fair of Lisbon. The goal of this attendance and corresponding space is the presentation of the new brand Mocay from the Azkoyen Group.

On the concept of the Exhibition stand, we explore space with outstanding references to innovation, leisure, color, life and joy.

The stand is composed by three distinct environments, involved by hands that welcome new customers and release an aroma of coffee throughout the space.
The first space located on the outside front area of greater public attendance positioning two diagonal panels with images describing the theme, presenting the brand graphically and enable their evidence through coffee machines positioned for this purpose. For the presentation of coffee packaging, has been recreated at a central display stand, surrounded by green coffee bags of various origins, unconsciously divides the first and second space;
The second area located in the central area of the stand already predisposes future customers to talk to workers and vendors for any further information about the products, with standing tables, with tops lacquered dark red, to serve coffee and promote contacts.
Finally the most intimate space located between cabinets defines 2 meeting spaces, covered by a loose and light ceiling, stimulate a more assertive meeting, directed to a possible deal.