PROJECT: Porto Brandão House
LOCATION: Porto Brandão
YEAR: 2018
AREA: 50m2
PROGRAM: Rehabilitation of a two-bedroom into a loft
STATE: Built
CLIENT: Private
TEAM: Jorge Castelão, Filipa Castelão, Carlos Santos and João Ferreira
ESSENTIAL: Design of a very small house, 2 bedroom apartment transformation into a loft – in which the cube is the main actor of all the space.

Rehabilitation of a two-bedroom apartment in which one of the rooms was located in an unhealthy attic. We decided to demolish the attic and transform what was a labyrinthine house into a wide space where we created a cube that concentrates all the uses. The bedroom is located on a mezzanine, the sanitary installation inside the cube and the wardrobe on its hidden back. The kitchen and the living-room have a double height ceiling and a very special light.