PROJECT: Outdoor cafeteria and restaurant – Moagem Heritage


YEAR: 2016-2018

SIZE: 200 m2

PROGRAM: Outdoor cafeteria and restaurant space for the Moagem Heritage complex.

STATUS: In construction

CLIENT: Moagem Heritage

TEAM: Jorge Castelão, Filipa Castelão, Catarina Crespo, Carlos Santos

ESSENTIAL: Creating a space of exterior restoration, based on the organic form of nature.
The establishment of the new structure was determined by the location and proximity to the restoration spaces in the Moagem Heritage building considering also the flows and circulations of access to the building.
This new terraced and leisure area is defined and delimited by the grouping and repetition of a module inspired by the organic form of the trees, a natural element present in the square, in order to create a space with its own identity based on the organic form of nature, which do not remove the protagonism of the existing building and promote its appreciation.