PROJECT: Rural – lodgings

LOCATION: Olhão – Algarve

YEAR: 2014 – …

SIZE: 43 m2 (module)


STATUS: On going

TEAM: Jorge Castelão, Filipa Castelão e Catarina Crespo

CLIENT: Private

ESSENTIAL: An experiment in how to live and feel the Algarve wild landscape


This project is born from the client’s passion for open field system of farming. He has always been a lover of gadgets that facilitate the hard work of farming. Whether by way in which planted, watered or feedstock choice, has never been an easy road. A huge awareness on the performance of the open field, the fruit, the technique blended with the Algarve weather all provide a unique rural experience.

The Rural-lodgings, turns a boy’s dream and springs from the reflection of a new reality, not oblivious, that breaths nature, joy and comfort.
Based on human perspective, this project expand a flying imagination to a place that life is simple, in harmony with the surrounding nature and at the same time a protected shelter that nurtures us.

The module is designed for a family of 4 and is easily transported and installed at almost all locations. Planned to be installed in places where it is not allowed to build and to do deep changes in terms of construction and environmental terms.
The proportions are the result of an exciting approach that responds to internal functions, different spaces that are recognizable on the outdoor environments, while the interior is solid, comfortable and full.
The lodge contains three different spaces: a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, hallway / bunk beds for the little ones and a double bedroom.

The interior spaces blend with the exterior environment due to the many openings present in all the façade. The material used on the façade transport us to the ground and red landscapes of Barrocal algarvio, concealing the module with the landscape. The exterior is to be lived and breathed. On that sense there is an outside deck platform that suggest playground and relax area. The modules are adapted to be arranged in groups so as to create small gatherings, ideal for large families or groups of friends.