PROJECT: Food kiosk

LOCATION: Anywhere

YEAR: 2015 – …

SIZE: 17 m2 (open module)

PROGRAM: Restaurant, fast-food, bar

STATUS: On going

CLIENT: Private

TEAM: Jorge Castelão, João Lopes and Filipa Castelão

ESSENTIAL: Kiosk designed to be located anywhere and provide quick and practical meals, coffees and snacks, opening and closing depending on the use.

Concept created for a coffee shop and snack bar, which respond to the needs of the area and weather conditions, opening and closing depending on the use.

The module is designed with two main configurations. Open to be occupied by two people serving customers on the counter and closed passing almost unnoticed, leaving only the advertising panels as the main focus of attention.
It’s easily transported and installed at almost all locations. Planned to be installed in places where it is not allowed to build and to do deep changes in terms of construction and environmental terms.

The proportions are the result of a controlled shape which responds to internal functions. The urban snail comprises three different spaces: exterior living space, kitchen / service counter and built-in bathroom, with rear entrance.

The interior spaces blend with the exterior environment when is open, giving the customer a direct connection and sense of belonging to the space. The modules are prepared in order to receive small groups, smoking and coffee supporters.