PROJECT: Laranjeiras House


YEAR: 2015

SIZE: 130 m2

PROGRAM: Interior design


CLIENT: Private

TEAM: Jorge Castelão, Filipa Castelão, Catarina Crespo e Diego Sequeira

Despite their average areas, the initial spaces were perceived as quite small and the balcony in front of the kitchen and the living room was clearly underused, functioning as a space that didn’t belong to the house. Besides responding to the programmatic requirements requested by the client, the intervention aimed at creating a sense of greater spatial amplitude, particularly in the entrance area, the living room, the kitchen and the suite, through visual extensions and the use of natural light.

The program included the creation of a workspace and the introduction of an aquarium in the entrance area.

The access to the two bedrooms has thus been redesigned in order to make room for a longitudinal workspace that occupies the former storeroom adjacent to the entrance hall. The partitioning between these two areas is solved with a cupboard incorporating the aquarium. This element defines the two areas and simultaneously establishes a visual connection between the two environments.

The access to the bedrooms area is through a pivoting panel that can adopt three distinct positions to establish different grades of visual connection between the spaces of the social scope and those of the private scope.

In the kitchen, the project seeks to optimize the entry of natural light: the former furniture and existing coatings have been replaced by light-colored materials that help reflect light. The functional organization was also rearranged: the high cupboards are gathered at the kitchen entry in order to free the area next to the window from any obstacle that could hinder the entrance of natural light into the kitchen.

In the living room, the existing fireplace has been integrated into a fixed furniture element with room for storage that breaks the heavy symmetry that used to characterize the living room wall and increases the spatial dimension with a mirrored panel that conceals the television.

The balcony works now as an extension of the living room and the vegetation and the floor deck lining confer this outdoor space the comfort and privacy of the remaining areas of the house.