PROJECT: Design Museum

LOCATION: Passeo de la Reforma, Mexico City

YEAR: 2014

SIZE: 20.000 m2

PROGRAM: Museum + Art Gallery + Library

STATUS: Competion

TEAM: Jorge Castelão and Filipa castelão

PROMOTER: ArchTriumph

ESSENTIAL: A curated exhibition space that turns the big hall into a three dimensional experience, creating a hybrid space that works as a gallery, a garden in the city and an adventure.


Mexico is a traditionally vibrant country whose celebrations reflect its important history, and the fusion of cultures not only mixed words and food dishes, but beliefs and the way to celebrate events.

MUSEUMS very often appear like large impenetrable perimeter blocks in the city. URBAN SPACE is becoming increasingly three-dimensional and more challenging to navigate. INSPIRED by Mexican culture as colorful as their traditional dress, the building merges itself with the urban path. The most important question is how the city can engage with the building and how you can make this transition from the interior to the exterior more fluid, linking celebrations, fireworks, fiesta, energy, dynamism and diversity all in the one location.

We propose to organize the program around the voids, which on the ground floor involves all the public program as the ticketing, restaurant, entrance lobbies, shop and certain galleries, connected by an enormous ramp towards semi-public programs like gardens, outdoor exhibitions and recreational áreas. The private programs like administration or resource zone are located on the inner building.

The Museum is finished in aluminum bands serving as solar shading as well as stairs for public staircases allowing the public to walk all the way to the roof. At the roof, the trajectory expands forming a big informal public arena, becoming a natural gathering point for tourists, business people and teenagers for social hangout and informal performances.