LOCATION: Parque das Nações – Lisboa

YEAR: 2005-2015

SIZE: 6.230 m2

PROGRAM: Interior design



TEAM: Jorge Castelão, Filipa Castelão, José Aleixo, Helena Gonçalves, João Lopes, João Bento and Paula Oliveira

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alexandre Kühl Oliveira

ESSENTIAL: Rehabilitation of the Company’s facilities


This project involves the renovation and rehabilitation of a building in Parque das Nações in Lisbon, for the installation of a TV station, Sport TV Portugal.

The visible marks of successive interventions translate the use and change of owners that the building spaces have suffered over time since its conception, at the time of Expo 98.

Interventions have been phased from 2005 to the present. In this sense the project aimed to ensure spatial coherence between the new needs and generation of created environments with strict coordination with the original.

The complex and long intervention that requires a TV station, the work done in the space is highlight on, the data center, general reception and administration area.

The data center, a technique the server room, very specifically associated with the company’s activity, the brain of the TV station which is usually enclosed in a space away from the common eye, was design here as a technology showcase. Housed in a black high podium, enclosed by glass panels, resulting in a technological aquarium, very appealing, strengthening the innovative spirit of the company.

The general reception is the main space of greeting and welcoming, for guests and company employees, on that sense this area should be representative of the enterprise space and activity. This space is design to pull out the relationship with the exterior and transparency, creating a bright space and communicator of values and business activity.

The company’s administration area is a more formal setting, but with modern standards and high institutional quality, thought both for employees and for visitors. The uniqueness of this floor is marked by wooden pattern that is designed to give privacy to the spaces of offices and simultaneously allow natural light in most indoor spaces. This same pattern in its various aspects is also reproduced in other forms or in part glass, where the pattern is reproduced on vinyl film or wall panel which marks the access floor, materialized in two slate rock tones.